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PS5 Media Remote Price: Pre-orders live, Price, and more

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The PS5 Media Remote is now available to pre-order at specific retailers, following the exciting announcement at Sony's PS5 Showcase, which finally revealed the price and release date of the console!

Keep reading for the essential info on the PS5 Media Remote...

Price confirmed as pre-orders go live

You can now pre-order the media remote for PS5 from GAME - click here to do just that, if you like. It comes in at £24.99, and is a stylish and minimal addition to your entertainment setup!

Alternatively, you could order from Amazon, where orders have gone live at this link right here.

BUY NOW:PS5 Media Remote is available on Amazon

Why get the remote?

Well, if you're looking to simplify your set-up look no further.

Nothing beats having everything consolidated into one remote, and this media device does just that.

PS5 family range of playstation 5 products official headset media remote
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If we're going purely on looks, then the remote is actually one of the better-looking pieces of kit in its bracket. The great thing is also, that it fits in well aesthetically with the rest of the PS5 gear!

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