PS5 HD Camera Price: How much does the camera cost? Pre-orders now OPEN!

We now have an official price and release date for the long-awaited PS5! That also means that we've also got prices for many of the awesome accessories for the console too!

Let's take a look at the PS5 camera, how much it costs, and exactly how you can pre-order it!

How much will the PS5 HD Camera cost? Price confirmed as pre-orders go live

You can get guarantee your PS5 HD camera right now by pre-ordering, and the camera will only set you back an affordable £49.99 at GAME.

Alternatively, you could order one from Amazon, where orders have gone live at this link.

BUY NOW: PS5 HD Camera from Amazon

What else do we know about the PS5 HD Camera?

The official PlayStation website recently updated all of its peripheral pages with new information about the products. You can also view a 360° video of the camera.

We now know that the HD camera will record in 1080p, and can be controlled with the DualSense's Create button.

The camera also comes with a built-in stand to ensure you can attach it to any TV without issue.

One interesting feature revealed is that the HD camera allows you to remove your background, whether through a green screen mode or a simple crop. This feature hints that the console may be attempting to increase its streaming capabilities.

It's also quite possible that this is the first hint we have about the future of PSVR, as an improved camera could allow for a better VR experience, maybe even with a PSVR 2.

The PS5 HD Camera also has an official Amazon product page in the UK, and you can click here to check it out.

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