Nacon Revolution PS4 Streaming Mic Review

Nacon Revolution PS4 Streaming Mic

Nacon Revolution PS4 Streaming Mic

Classy, stylish and good quality? Surely you are asking for too much? Well no. Actually, the Nacon Officially Licensed PS4 Streaming Microphone is all that and more!

Don't let the title of the product dissuade you at all from looking at this mid-range cost microphone - it certainly can be used for much more than streaming (I have used it to produce around 40 YouTube videos!)

With Nacon products, I know what to expect these days, (being the long time owner of a Nacon revolution controller I can say this!) one thing that is guaranteed is that the product will be robust and VERY easy on the eyes.

Design - Score 80

Nacon Revolution PS4 Streaming Mic
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One thing I love about this microphone is that it is compact. It is small and can be packed away easily to be taken into the office, another room or anywhere really!

It was fairly simple to assemble and doesn't feel like it's going to swing around or fall over mid recording sesh (which means fewer takes).

The one flaw with the design I have found is the ability to add additional 'recording peripherals' - when adding a sound absorber to the setup the stand became slightly wobbly, due to its small stature. However, it has not affected the quality of the sound.


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Quality - Score 92

Having spent around a month using the Nacon Mic day in day out to produce a plethora of different content (and take many many phone calls) I can confirm that the quality has been top-notch.

Not only have I been applauded on the rich crisp tone of my baritone voice, on several calls and YouTube videos (check out our channel by clicking here) but the size of the mic makes it easy to be stowed away when not in use!

the quality has been top-notch

I was also able to test the microphone for what it's namesake says its primary purpose is for... Streaming. Not being a huge streamer myself, I found that the mic held it's own! the mute function was perfect for when eating snacks or when my laptop was sounding like an aeroplane taking off.

Price - Score 92

At £64.99 from ARGOS you really can't go wrong with this product. As a middle of the range Microphone, it's a great purchase for those looking to get into streaming/creating video content to get crisp audio quality without breaking the bank.

For an OFFICIAL sony product, it's a perfect price and will really 'add' to any Sony fanboy's collection!

Our Score


  • Compact!
  • Good price
  • Can be used on any device!


  • Some issues around adding extra items to the stand

In summary, this is a nifty little microphone from Nacon that is perfect for not just streaming from your PS4 but from your Xbox and your PC as well!

The fun doesn't stop at streaming either, it can be used for calls, YouTube videos, audiobooks and more!

If you are looking for a mid-ranged price microphone for daily use then look no further than the Nacon Officially Licensed PS4 Streaming Microphone.


This streaming mic is just £64.99 from ARGOS

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