Gioteck reveals its PS5 and Xbox Series X headsets, promising "unbeatable value for next-gen"

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Gioteck, a proud maker of affordable peripherals, has announced its new TX-50 wallet-friendly headsets to go with your PS5 or Xbox Series X.

The official press release explains that the TX-50 will be available "in stunning crisp arctic white and blue for PlayStation 5, and striking matt black and green for Xbox SX versions. Whichever console you choose, the TX-50s' soft-touch, rubberised finish delivers the very best in style and comfort."

You can keep reading for the important details about the Gioteck TX-50 headsets...

Gioteck TX-50 specs and features

As the press bumf puts it: "Over-ear soft Alcantara cushions allow for precise delivery of sound, blended with extreme comfort for long gaming sessions.

"50mm high impact drivers enable you to track every footstep and the flexible metal mic guarantees that you and your team hear every command.

"Precision extender arms and perforated steel cups make sure that the TX-50 packs a punch both inside and out this Christmas."

And here's a handy list of specs and features you can expect:

  • Arctic white with blue accents for PlayStation 5
  • Matte black and green for Xbox SX consoles
  • 50mm high impact drivers
  • Minimum feedback lucid chat
  • Tactile rubber finish
  • Alcantra cushioning
  • Robust build quality
  • Discreet inline control

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All greens and blacks, this Xbox Series X version will go nicely with Microsoft's monolithic new console.
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White and blue to match the launch-day PS5 consoles, this Gioteck headset is a perfect match for Sony's latest.

Gioteck TX-50 price and release date

The Gioteck TX-50 headsets will set you back £29.99 GBP apiece, which is indeed quite affordable for any next-gen peripheral.

We don't have an exact release date, bu the press release does promise they'll be available at some point in November from Argos stores. We'll be sure to update this page with product links when we can.

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