NASA releases video of Parker Solar Probe touching The Sun

For millennia, humanity has reached its hands to The Sun's warmth. Just a few days ago, humanity finally got to touch it, albeit indirectly. As part of a historic mission, the NASA developed Parker Solar Probe entered into The Sun's corona did the first time.

After the announcement of the probe's successful journey into The Sun, NASA has released the first video ever captured from inside the star. While low-res and monochrome, the video is a fascinating look at the heart of life in our galaxy.

NASA releases video from inside The Sun

NASA’s historic new video wasn't recorded by the Parker Solar Probe per se. Instead, the tiny probe captured multiple images while traveling through the solar atmosphere. These images were then stitched together into the video we see now.

In the video, two viewpoints are shown. On the left, you can see the probe hurtling through the solar atmosphere, streams of energy shooting past the craft. On the other side, streams of solar energy still wrap around the craft, but a blanket of stars persist past it.

While the resolution isn't fantastic, and it would be awe-inspiring to see in colour, the video is one of the most fascinating videos of space travel in years. While massive rocket launches are cool to see, finally getting to see the intricate building blocks on nature is invaluable.

Watch the video below:

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There's more to see

NASA isn't done exploring The Sun with the Parker Solar Probe. After completing its initial flyby, the probe is set to return to the star in 2022. The probe has already delved deeper into the celestial body than expected. However, the probe is set to go even deeper.

In its first mission, the probe successfully flew through a pseudostreamer, a loop of energy that connects tendrils of solar waves together. During this, it was possible discovered that the middle of a pseudostreamer is exactly like the eye of a storm.

Due to the Parker Solar Probe, we're already learning more about The Sun. With even more journeys, scientists will be able to quickly learn more than ever before. Additionally, we may even see more videos of the awesome gas sphere.

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