Sonic movie sequel: Here's what we know about Sonic 2's release date, trailer, cast and more

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The first Sonic film was, an unexpected hit, especially after the mess of the design of Sonic in the first place. But the team pulled through and gave everyone a movie that was a great adventure, while hinting towards more.

Of course, with the post-credits screen and confirmation of the sequel now being made, there’s a whole heap of story and enemies that the makers can take advantage of.

From the Chaos Emeralds to the many zones that Sonic has run, jumped and spin-dashed his way through in many games, the possibilities are very endless.

With that, here’s a guide to keep up with the sequel to see just where they could be heading.


At present it’s simply called ‘Sonic the Hedgehog 2’, which could simply follow the games in its numbering. No ‘Sonic Begins’, No ‘Super Sonic Racing’, just a simple number.


Spoiler Alert: After defeating Robotnik and sending him to a ‘Mushroom’ planet or level, Sonic saved the world one more time. But at the post-credits scene, his sidekick, Miles ‘Tails’ Prower appeared through a portal, looking for Sonic.

It’s apt, as the second Sonic game also introduced Tails, so there could be some similarities from the 1992 game to appear in some way. From the levels to even the Chaos Emeralds appearing. This game was also the first appearance of Super Sonic, so that could be something in the third act of the sequel to appear.

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As the end-credits scene showed, Tails is now looking for Sonic, so that’s going to be an interesting dynamic to see how he interacts with Sonic and even Tom throughout the film. In the games and even the comics, Tails was slightly-naive, but in awe of Sonic, so we could see this dynamic in the sequel.

A certain echidna could also appear, especially as ‘Pachacamac’ appeared towards the start of the film. Knuckles will inevitably be somewhere, guarding the Floating Island seen in Sonic 3. But he could even appear as a mid-credits scene for the film, setting the stage for the third sequel.

Robotnik is currently trapped on a ‘Mushroom’ world or level. Let’s not forget, ‘Mushroom Hill Zone’ is featured in ‘Sonic & Knuckles’, released in 1994, so there’s always a chance he’s simply escaped that zone, and now setting up a base somewhere else. He could be creating his ships that featured as ‘Act 2’ bosses in the second Sonic game, from a hammer, to ‘Mecha Sonic’ itself aboard the infamous ‘Death Egg’.

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Release Date

The film now has a set date of April 8th 2022. It was previously an earlier date, but due to COVID-19, it pushed a significant amount of films back, and Sonic 2 was no different.

We now have just over 18 months until the film’s release, and even though it could seem like a long wait, there could even be a new Sonic game to help with that in the meantime.

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