Friday the 13th Resurrected Finally Gets a Release Date

friday the 13th the game resurrected
Credit: Friday the 13th Resurrected

friday the 13th the game resurrected
Credit: Friday the 13th Resurrected

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  • Friday the 13th: Resurrected is finally getting a release date
  • The developers behind the game will reveal all on April 15
  • December 2024 is the date the original servers are marked for shutdown

Friday the 13th: Resurrected developers are finally ready to reveal the game’s release date. The announcement will be made on April 15.

The official Friday the 13th survival horror/co-op game will take down its servers by the end of this year, marking the end of its successful journey in the gaming world. However, fans need not worry as they can still look forward to continuing the experience, thanks to a mod called Friday the 13th: Resurrected.

Resurrected has been in development for a while with no release date specified. However, that will change on April 15 as the developers will announce when they’ll be releasing the mod, which will be free for all to download.

Friday the 13th: Resurrected takes the base game and makes a few additions of its own. Since the original game’s servers will be gone for good on December 2024, the developers have invested into their own servers to make up for that loss.

Friday the 13th is based on the popular slasher film of the same title. Similar in vein to films like Nightmare on Elm Street and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the movie pits a group of campers against the supernatural masked and machete-wielding murderer, Jason Voorhees.

The original game reimagines that concept in its gameplay format. It pits eight players, who are randomly chosen for the role of camp counselors from Camp Crystal Lake, against one player tasked with killing all of them as Jason, who has invaded the camp.

The game was released as a digital download in May 2017, and as physical discs for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in October 2017.

Last year, composer Harry Manfredini revealed that there will be a new game based on Friday the 13th. However, no further details have been revealed.

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