iPhone 12 Pro Max teardown VIDEO reveals enormous image sensor and more

The iPhone 12 has more forms than a Dragon Ball Z villain, but, unlike a DBZ villain, probably isn't trying to destroy the Earth. Probably.

What they are trying to do though, is get money out of your bank account, wallet, and that box you keep in your wardrobe that you don't think anybody knows about.

It's important to know exactly what you're getting when you splash your cash though, and finding out what's inside of these devices is a great way to see that.

So, let's take a look at the inside of an iPhone 12 Pro Max, shall we?

Have a look at the teardown video

The video comes via the YouTube channel iFixit. This is a channel that specialises in pulling apart and tinkering with gadgets in order to help you learn how to repair them if you need too.

It's a really cool channel with a lot of interesting content on it, but the video we want to focus on today is this one:

The video is 50 minutes long (nearly) and has the channel dismantling the iPhone 12 Pro Max with care to show off what's inside of the massive phone.

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What's special about the iPhone 12 Max Pro

While the video did show that the device is actually surprisingly easy to take apart and put back together (although we still don't recommend doing so), the main things we took from it were the size of some of the components.

The most impressive by far, was the huge camera module that includes three sensors.

It makes sense that it would be large, but it's still very surprising to see just how large it actually is. It even includes four magnets and a LiDar unit.

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