Superyacht reportedly used energy weapons to fight Arabian pirates

A costly superyacht has reportedly used energy weapons to defeat Kalashnikov-wielding pirates in the Arabian Sea. While this reads a lot like a comic book, the story is supposedly true and comes from one of the witnesses in this supposed superyacht. Obviously, readers will have to take this with a grain of salt since it’s hard to believe we’re in the age of energy weapons.

Wait a minute, energy weapons on a superyacht?

The story comes from an anonymous witness who was in the superyacht, which makes it sound fisher than the seas they were traveling in. According to a piece from Times of London, this rich insider witnessed pirates getting blasted by supposed energy weapons.

Sadly, the insider doesn’t tell us if the energy weapons make “pew pew” noises or if they ended up obliterating these pirates to dust. Readers can check out the quote below and decide for themselves if the story is real or imaginary like energy weapons supposedly are.

“I’ll never forget the wide-eyed horror of one captain as he recounted how he had to deploy a 70m yacht’s arsenal of onboard security (think sonic weapons that deliver ear-splitting, high-volume acoustics and ‘pain rays’ that transmit a narrow beam of electromagnetic energy to heat the skin and cause an unbearable burning sensation) to try to evade Kalashnikov-wielding pirates speeding towards him on Ribs in the Arabian Sea.”
Anonymous passenger

With no real proof to back up this story, fans will have to take the word of this mysterious insider. Still, if we ever see energy weapons come to life, we can always go back to this story as some kind of precursor to the truth.

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How legitimate is this?

Never say never. But also consider the fact that this passenger supposedly met the scientist who made the FDA-approved home test kit on a “floating laboratory.” If this isn’t some kind of imaginary story, the amount of wealth described here could be anger-inducing.

At the least, it’s a neat story. Maybe one that should be saved for a video game or movie though.

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