Zuckerberg stars in Metaverse Fashion Show; it sucked

Mark Zuckerberg, just like a Bratz doll, has a passion for fashion… apparently. The billionaire Meta CEO is pushing hard on the creation of an all-encompassing virtual world, and Zuckerberg’s Metaverse is now getting huge fashion brands on board.

Despite The Metaverse technically not existing yet, Meta has partnered with a number of overly expensive fashion brands to create exclusive Metaverse drip. However, as usual, these designer threads are even uglier than usual inside Meta’s virtual world.

The Zuckerberg Metaverse partners with Balenciaga and more

In a bid to increase hype for Meta’s virtual world, the company has announced a new feature: Avatars Store. In the virtual store, users can purchase virtual clothes for their virtual avatar with real money.

To celebrate the addition, Meta held a Metaverse Fashion Show highlighting some of the more impressive apparel they had. The show featured clothes from high fashion brands such as Balenciaga.

In the livestream announcement, Meta’s VP of Fashion Partnerships, Eva Chen, announced that they would be holding the first Metaverse Fashion Show. As usual, it was a complete overpromise and underdeliver.

Instead of Mark Zuckerberg’s Avatar walking down a catwalk, strutting his stuff, Chen just showcased digital avatars wearing their crap clothes. One image showed the creepy, huge-headed Zuckerberg Avatar wearing a schoolboy outfit designed by Thom Browne. I don’t like it one bit. Not one bit.

Burn it with fire!!
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Burn it with fire!!

Other outfits included designs from Balenciaga, Thom Browne and Prada. Does the devil wear Prada? Well, his avatar does, and he looks like a knob.

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Will Meta’s Metaverse be getting legs?

One interesting tidbit of absurdly terrible Metaverse fashion show was the showing off of bottom clothing on avatars. For example, every outfit had either shorts or trousers as well as shoes.

However, currently, Meta’s Metaverse avatars don’t have legs, they’re just torsos floating around. It’s creepy, but that’s what they have. Are legs an upcoming feature?

It makes sense. Double the body equals double the clothes to sell, after all.

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