Zuckerberg reveals better Hand Tracking for a controller-less Metaverse

Meta’s Presence Platform has announced new updates for the service’s Hand Tracking capabilities, which means smoother limb movement for future Meta apps. The news was announced by Facebook/Meta boss Mark Zuckerberg himself, with promises to make hand movement in the virtual world as real as possible.

Presence Platform has had an interesting, well, presence in the VR community, with many still unsure about this service’s potential. Obviously, there are still kinks in the system, hence the need for a Hand Tracking update, but it looks like Zuckerberg is going all-in on this platform.

Zuckerberg gives Presence Platform a handful of updates

The improved Presence Platform will let users do extraordinary things in VR, such as clapping or waving their hands. Yes, you can do that in real life... for free. However, now people can perform the actions properly in the Metaverse, which has to be exciting for someone out there.

Zuckerberg ensured fans that moving your hands in the Metaverse will be just as natural as it is in the real world, with Presence Platform supposedly helping with that. More gestures — such as thumbs ups – are expected to be added to the service soon. We're hoping for a shaka brah.

"In the metaverse, your hands will move as naturally as they do in the physical world. Our Presence Platform's hand tracking tech keeps improving to support more gestures, tracking continuity, and fast movement. Developers can now integrate more responsive hands into apps. For example, the guitar app Unplugged will support faster riffs and more notes to make playing in virtual reality more realistic."
Mark Zuckerberg

Only time will tell if the world is ready for VR at this level but Meta is determined to bring us this future. While fans of VR and Meta will appreciate the improvements Presence is making, it’s too soon to tell if the wider mainstream will gravitate towards this.

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Does this make Meta worth it?

These improvements made to Meta’s Presence Platform will be nice for app developers and Meta content creators. Obviously, the Metaverse is still a work in progress, but at least our hands will work properly. Of course, there's still no way of knowing just how many people will want to start in the ZuckerVerse, despite the billions Meta is already losing on it.

Sci-fi movies have told us that blending mechanisms with AI can be risky and that’s the supposed goal of Presence Platform. Hopefully, this doesn’t lead to the robot apocalypse in the near future.

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