Working in The Metaverse makes workers anxious and worried; employers love it

The virtual world of The Metaverse is planned to be used for more than play. For corporations, the immersive technology is planned to be used for office work, allowing employers to have even more surveillance over their workers. But what do employees think about this?

Employees are terrified of working in The Metaverse

In a survey by ExpressVPN, tech employees were asked about privacy concerns with Metaverse working. The survey questioned 1,500 employees and 1,500 employees in the United States about the emerging technology’s placement in the work environment.

For starters, the survey results revealed that employees and employers have opposite views on the technology. While the majority of employees were concerned about being forced to worked in virtual reality, employers were largely for it.

In general, employees are anxious and suspicious about the Metaverse. 63% of employees believe that employers will take advantage of the virtual world to surveil them and collect data on them. They were also worried that they would have their eye, movement and screen time recorded.

Despite this, employers are very excited to spy on employees in The Metaverse. While 55% of workers knew they were being spied on at work, 77% of employers revealed they were spying on workers, and that it will increase with the arrival of The Metaverse.

Working in the Metaverse has already proven to be Hell for most workers. One study revealed that working in the virtual world causes anxiety, depression and worse after just a few weeks. However, employers just don’t care.

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The Virtual Hellscape of The Office

Of course, the use of virtual reality to stiff workers inside a virtual office is a soul-crushing idea. The wonders of virtual reality could put workers in the most mystical locations possible, but it’s likely going to be used for recreating the office in VR.

The virtual office is a response to large amounts of employees wanting to work from home, a process that increases productivity. However, with the Metaverse, office rules will be reinforced at home, with the extra intense glared screen right in front of your eyes.

It’s understandably not something the vast majority of employees want to be doing. However, it will happen, it just might not last as long as companies want it to. Hopefully.

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