Viral Metaverse video paints a hilariously terrifying Zuckerberg future

Mark Zuckerberg’s Metaverse is still years away. However, the Facebook creator's pitch for the future internet technology is receiving mixed responses from tech-heads worldwide. In response to the announcement, YouTuber surreal entertainment has created a viral Metaverse video to mock Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Surreal Entertainment's viral Metaverse parody

Much like the release of Iceland's Icelandverse parody, surreal entertainment's viral Metaverse skit is firmly punching up at Mark Zuckerberg. The video revolves around a fictional Alpha Tester for the Metaverse sharing a space with the Meta CEO.

Inside the proposed Metaverse, Zuckerberg introduces the viewer to the virtual world. Just like the presentation, Zuckerberg explains that the user can bring in items from the real world into the digitised one.

For example, Mark Zuckerberg claims to love Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce. In the real Metaverse announcement, this was represented by a BBQ sauce bottle on Zuckerberg’s virtual mantle. Inside the virtual world, the CEO is attempting to offer you a bottle of his favourite condiment.

In the video, the faux player is asked to nod their head to accept the bottle or shake to reject it. After rejecting the bottle, a vengeful Zuckerberg strikes you down. In response, a hitman is dispatched to your house for daring to turn down that Sweet Baby Ray’s.

Surreal Entertainment’s skit is actually a virtual reality experience. Zuckerberg does move around in three dimensions and, if you move your phone or tablet around, you can follow him. Additionally, the video makes use of spatial audio to let you follow the CEO with your ears. It's haunting.

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The Metaverse makes for some peak comedy

In the month following the reveal of Facebook's Metaverse, the Internet has been alight with a fresh batch of Metaverse memes. Most of these stem from the fact that idealising and recreating a common dystopian trope is a hilarious look at hyper-capitalism. On the other hand, many just don't believe Meta will be the company to bring forth a successful version of the tech.

Nevertheless, all of the Metaverse parodies are jovial in nature. While a killer Zuckerberg confessing his love for BBQ sauce is funny, it's not mean spirited. In fact, in light of a dystopian future tied to constant gamification and virtualisation, it's actually rather tame.

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