The Sandbox Vs Decentraland: Which Metaverse Is The Best?

Metaverse is the new and revolutionary concept that is sweeping through the world of digital entertainment. In this virtual world, you can play games, socialise, or even buy virtual land and build anything you like.

There are many different Metaverses games on the market, but the most popular ones are The Sandbox and Decentraland.

On this occasion, we will do The Sandbox vs Decentraland comparison and find which one is the best. Let's begin!

The Sandbox Vs Decentraland: How Do They Work?

Essentially, they both have the same concept, with users being able to explore the virtual world and interact with other players and objects in it.

The Sandbox and Decentraland Metaverses allow users to purchase virtual land and use it to create their own world. In other words, users can create, experience, and monetize their content and applications. However, you need to purchase a piece of land first to place your content and monetize it. Also, there’s a marketplace to sell these contents or assets for the native currency of the platform.

Another similarity between The Sandbox and Decentraland is that they're both developed on the Ethereum blockchain. As a result, the land is represented and stored as NFT on the Ethereum blockchain.

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What Is The Difference? 

The way they work is similar, but in some ways they are different.

Decentraland has 90,601 parcels of land, grouped into individual parcels, estates (multiple parcels), districts (parcels with similar themes), and plazas (untradable parcels owned by the community). The Sandbox, on the other hand, has 166,464 plots of land and they can be grouped into estates (owned by one person) or districts (owned by 2 or more people).

In Decentraland, there are three types of tokens: MANA (the native currency), WEAR (wearables and articles), and LAND (the virtual plot of land). Whereas in Sandbox, there are four types of tokens: SAND (the native currency), ASSETS (contents created by users), GAMES (games created by users), and LAND (the virtual plot of land).

The Sandbox Vs Decentraland: What Are Their Future Plans?

The Sandbox has a clear goal in mind: to bring the platform to mobile devices before the end of 2022. In addition, they’re also planning to launch the platform on consoles like Xbox and Playstation. Moreover, they want to have 5,000 games on the platform available by the end of 2023. Furthermore, Sandbox wants to create in-game jobs that allow people to work as they would in the real world

On the other hand, Decentraland doesn't have a specific roadmap in place. Instead, the team will make decisions when they think there is value in it. However, by early 2022, they are looking to bring creators, brands, and celebrities to the space and allow them to make NFT drops and advertisements. Nevertheless, what's even more exciting is that there's a proposal to make Decentraland interoperable with at least four other Metaverse worlds.

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Who’s Backing Them?

The Sandbox Vs Decentraland: Which Metaverse Is The Best?
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Credit: Decentraland

The Sandbox has partnered with over 165 brands. Some of the big names are Adidas, Opera, Binance, rapper Snoop Dogg, AMC TV series “The Walking Dead,” children’s cartoons “Care Bears” and “The Smurfs,” gaming brand Atari and non-fungible token (NFT) collection CryptoKitties. They’ve also been recently supported by SoftBank, one of the biggest investment companies in the world, with a $93 million funding round.

Meanwhile, Decentraland is backed by more than 20 investors, like Digital Currency Group, Kenetic Capital, FBG Capital, CoinFund, and Animoca Brands. In addition, they have partnered with Samsung, CyberpunkPolygonAtari and even the South Korean Government.

The Sandbox Vs Decentraland: Crypto Price Prediction

As of May 2022, The Sandbox (SAND) price is $1.27 USD and is ranked #39 on CoinMarketCap. Meanwhile, Decentraland (MANA) is priced at$1.05 USD with a ranking of #36. Decentraland is ranked as the top Metaverse token by market capitalization while The Sandbox is the second-largest Metaverse token.

Wallet Investor predicts that The Sandbox (SAND) price can go up to $4.258 USD in one year. Their analysis shows that The Sandbox will be worth $15.647 USD in five years (2027).

The Sandbox forecast from DigitalCoin predicts that the price of The Sandbox (SAND) can roughly be up to $2.00 USD in a 1 years time. According to their predicted data, the token's value can be up to $3.56 USD in five years (2027).

Meanwhile, Wallet Investor projects that the Decentraland (MANA) price can go up to $3.091 USD in one year. According to their analysis, Decentraland will be worth $10.476 USD in five years (2027).

On the other hand, DigitalCoin predicts that the token's value is expected to be up to $1.70 USD in 1 years time. Their analysis shows that the token's value can be roughly up to $2.70USD in five years (2027).

Clearly, The Sandbox is the winner here. In this situation, we think The Sandbox (SAND) could be a great investment and we believe it will outperform the market.

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Which Metaverse Is The Best?

The Sandbox Vs Decentraland: Which Metaverse Is The Best?
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Credit: The Sandbox

Well, for now, it seems like The Sandbox is the winner of The Sandbox vs Decentraland debate. It has more partnerships, investors, and developers behind it than Decentraland. Moreover, The Sandbox is more innovative and has a better plan for the future than Decentraland. 

Furthermore, the crypto prediction shows that The Sandbox’s token value is set to rise significantly in the future than Decentraland. If that happens, The Sandbox will have an easier time convincing people to invest in them.

For now, the market seems to be favouring The Sandbox over Decentraland. However, it is hard to tell which one will actually win in the long run. So, what do you think about The Sandbox vs Decentraland debate?

The Sandbox Vs Decentraland: Which Is A Better Investment?

Both could be good investments. However, taking the coin price predictions and other factors into consideration, The Sandbox seems to be the better investment in this case.

As mentioned earlier, the Sandbox has partnered with over 165 brands and recently they brought in big names like Adidas and the rapper Snoop Dogg. Obviously, these partnerships will drive more users and investors to the platform. As a result, the price of The Sandbox will continue to increase.

So, if you’re looking for a long-term investment, the Sandbox is the one to consider. However, we recommend you do your own research and make an informed decision. You could use the article as a starting point for your research.

Certainly, it doesn’t take much time to get up to speed with the latest on the Sandbox, but it’s always best to know what you’re investing in.

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