Ready Player One ruined the idea of the Metaverse, says developer

Ready Player One was the ultimate pop culture journey, for better or worse. Filled with nostalgia, the movie showed us a glimpse of what a virtual world would be like. It seems that Ready Player One romanticized the metaverse too much, giving us misconceptions on what the platform will be like, as a developer for the platform dispels some of them.

The metaverse isn’t Ready Player One

Despite the premise of the metaverse being players interacting with others on the internet via their custom avatars, Everyrealm CEO Janine Yorio says it won’t be like Ready Player One. In the Korean Blockchain Week 2022 event (via Cointelegraph), Yorio brought up how the platform won’t be anything like the Steven Spielberg movie.

Yorio brings up how the metaverse is much more than just VR goggles, as most developers for the platform are working on projects that require a full desktop. The Everyrealm CEO feels that most people won’t be interacting with the metaverse through VR goggles but in their computers, like how things are now.

While Yorio does bring up how a metaverse like Ready Player One would be exciting, the CEO explains that expecting the platform to completely be in VR is just unrealistic. It’s clear that kind of technology is many years away and there’s a good chance that some of us won’t live to see that.

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Exciting times for the metaverse?

Despite dispelling the notion of the metaverse being completely VR, Yorio says we’re in for some exciting times for the platform. Apparently, some triple-A gaming companies will work on content for the metaverse, which is something that has been teased for the platform before. That might also invite more Ready Player One comparisons but that won’t stop anytime soon.

Though Yorio has some excitement for the metaverse, the Everyrealm CEO does admit that it’s going to take some time before this platform becomes mainstream. It’s a moment that Yorio is waiting for but that moment won’t be coming yet, due to how the public currently perceives the metaverse.

In the meantime, if you like geeky things with no substance, Ready Player One is readily available on Blu-ray and digital. Or you can read the equally, if not more, terrible book.

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