Nvidia Omniverse Avatar will create realistic avatars for a Metaverse future

As the world moves ever closer to the dystopian future of The Metaverse, surrounding tech must improve to support it. From mixed reality headsets to tracking technology, The Metaverse’s adjacent tech is rapidly improving.

When the hardware is ready, software will need to be able to match it. As a result, NVidia’s new Omniverse Avatar program could be a key technology if The Metaverse is going up succeed at all in the future.

What is Nvidia Omniverse Avatar?

Announced during a GTC Conference, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang introduced the new tech. Combining face tracking, speech recognition, artificial speech and on-the-fly animation, the technology could be used to create 3D NPCs with realistic interactions.

One demo shows a real-world example of the technology. In the example, an Omniverse Avatar is used as for ordering at a drive thru. The video shows an adorable, animated character guiding users through a digital menu.

During the conversation, the character answers on the fly questions with realistic lip syncing, all while maintaining eye contact. In the future, this could be used in a variety of languages to make basic ordering interactions easy.

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The Omniverse vs The Metaverse

Outside of real-world application, Huang explained that Omniverse Avatar tech would be core to Nvidia’s Omniverse. Like The Metaverse, Nvidia wants to create a fully digital plane that will be the future of online interaction.

While Facebook’s offering wants to combine work, play, commerce and relaxation. On the other hand, the Omniverse will transport virtual avatars into the real world. This will let those further away step inside of real environments alongside others.

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