Most people think The Metaverse will be life-changing, but they don’t know what it is

With every company under the sun looking to get into the virtual world, The Metaverse is now becoming a commonplace addition to the global lexicon. But how many people know what it is?

In a recent survey by Wunderman Thompson Intelligence shows that a high percentage of people know of The Metaverse. However, not many know what the purpose of the new technology is.

The Metaverse will be life-changing

Wunderman’s survey, titled “New Realities Into the Metaverse and Beyond” sought to discover the common perception of the ongoing tech trend. Surprisingly, not only did most people know of the term, but they were very excited to see how it evolves.

In a survey size of 3000 people across between 16 and 65 in China, America, and the UK, 74% of people heard of The Metaverse. All of those aware of the new technology beloved it was the future, but most of them had no idea what it is.

Out of those who know of the term, only 15% could actually explain it to the surveyors. This means that the push to make the general public believe the technology is the next step is working.

Nevertheless, there were ideas to what the technology should be. Out of those who know what it is, 60% believe it is the future of online shopping. 50% believe tech is designed entirely to relax and play.

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There are a lot of concerns

Despite many being excited for the future immersive technology, many are also concerned about the negative aspects the tech has. For example, while it will make it easier for people to socialise, it will also inherit all of the negative aspects of social media.

Those who where surveyed explained that they were concerned about multiple issues. For starters, cyber-bullying is already prominent in VR platforms such as VR Chat or Rec Room. Additionally, they were concerned about privacy and data protection synonymous with platforms like Meta.

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