Most Metaverse Users quit after just one month, reveals report

Despite so much hype from corporations and influencers alike, it seems that the metaverse just isn’t exciting people at all. A recent study showed that the online platform is struggling to keep its users after one month of interactions.

It seems that people just aren’t interested in virtual worlds right now and antics from Meta and Zuckerberg aren’t helping. While this probably isn’t the end of this platform, it’s not a good look for Mark Zuckerberg and his company.

The metaverse isn’t a hit

WSJ reports that internal documents from Meta’s Horizon Worlds show that metaverse users are leaving the platform after one month. Meta had a goal to have 500,000 monthly users by the end of 2022 but low numbers changed that.

Users need to cough up $400 to try out Horizon Worlds via Quest 2 and they get an empty world. If being lifeless wasn’t bad enough, there have also been reports about numerous bugs and women getting sexually harassed, digitally.

From what can be seen, Meta is in a lot of trouble and really need to fix up these issues. Both users and investors seem to be fuming at the platform’s state, given all of the promises they’ve been fed.

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Even Meta employees aren’t having fun

Anyone who thinks that Meta employees are enjoying the current state of the metaverse is wrong, as they’re also frustrated. Obviously, this is a frustrating project for those involved and it will take a lot of time and money to make things better.

"Currently it's unclear where the metaverse fits in the investment framework," Dare Obasanjo, lead product manager for Horizon and the metaverse platform, reportedly wrote in a memo. "We are overdue for a reassessment of how we invest and allocate resources."

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