$30,000 Metaverse wedding is a laughable look at what the metaverse actually is

Ever since Facebook announced its plans to venture into The Metaverse, rival metaverses have skyrocketed in popularity. From Sandbox to Somnium, metaverses are so popular that revenue is nearing the billions. However, none of them have hosted a metaverse wedding, until now.

Reported by The New York Times, a couple got married in a lesser-known metaverse. The issue? Well, the wedding is an example of just what companies believe “the metaverse” is, and it's just on terribly sad.

The Metaverse wedding is just too funny

Taking place in the lesser known virtual platform Virbela, the highly-reported event saw the marriage of Traci and Dave Gagnon. As the two got married in a real location on their lonesome, a virtual venue was filled with the avatars of their friends.

In virtual space, Traci Gagnon was walked down the aisle up to a stage while low-quality models watched and danced, all with their mics on. To put it lightly, the respect and silence of a real wedding was not in display here.

The metaverse wedding was, honestly, a laughable event. The almost five-hour event mostly consisted of the bride and groom standing on a stage as prepared videos played, complete with music. Occasionally, the two avatar’s would play a dance emoji or clap.

The best part, the absolute best part, occurs when the two are finally proclaimed husband and wife. Upon the proclamation that Traci and “Super Dave” are married, in what should be a beautiful moment for the two, both avatars react in the best way possible: slightly out-of-sync backflips. It's so beautiful... I think I'm tearing up.

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Aw, now that's sweet... a sweet backflip! Look at that form!

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Virtual weddings aren't anything new

The biggest issue with the hype around metaverse events is that they're nothing new, and the concept of a “metaverse wedding” only exacerbates that. Virtual weddings have existed in virtual worlds for decades, from EverQuest and Second Life to Final Fantasy XIV.

Weddings in video games have been around for as long as the MMO genre has existed. The only difference: there's more of a point to video games than there is to the metaverse buzzword. Even then, Second Life is pretty much the same idea as metaverses, but it isn't trying to drain your wallet. Oh, and it looks nicer.

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