Metaverse users reveal they do not care about virtual commercialism

The virtual world of The Metaverse is already in its early stages, populated by early adopters who want to get in quick. But while users are flocking to these free-to-use services, companies may have a hard time getting money out of them as Metaverse users care not for virtual shopping.

Study reveals Metaverse users don’t care about shopping

In a report by Productsup, the popularity of virtual shopping was measured. From pure VR shopping experiences to AR enhancements through smart glasses, the urge to engage in enhanced digital consumerism was simply not there.

This is exacerbated for virtual goods. With digital items like NFTs selling for millions in that particular bubble, some were under the assumption that digital items in the Metaverse would be the next big thing. Oh no, they might be wrong! (Oh well.)

Productsup revealed that 60% of Metaverse users couldn’t give a rat’s behind about virtual shopping. However, with so many companies looking to get in on commercial metaverses, many may end up feeling pressured into adopting the technology.

Metaverse users explained that they would be interested in hearing about deals inside the virtual world, but not buying products in the virtual world. With The Metaverse pitched too many as a form of escapism, the idea of commercialising the technology — while inevitable — is off putting to those already inside.

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Corporations in The Metaverse

Of course, corporations will enter the Metaverse whether it is successful or not. With Meta pitching itself as the driving force of the next-gen interaction platform, many will be drawn in, despite reports of toxicity and sexual harassment.

In fact, multiple companies are always hopping on the Metaverse bandwagon. Companies such as Nike are already selling virtual shoes as NFTs for people who are, for some reason, interested in buying fake shoes for the same prices as real shoes. Even Atari, the company that’s failed multiple times, is in on the trend.

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