Metaverse Shopping is a massive scam, believe most Americans

The virtual world of The Metaverse is still an unproven jump for technology. While some are excited to live in a Ready Player One world, others are far more wary of relaxing, playing and working in virtual reality. However, with consumerism in mind for all Metaverse companies, minds are all pinned on Metaverse Shopping.

Most people don't care about Metaverse Shopping

Metaverse Shopping is a new form of online shopping that's been heavily eyed by major corporations. Retail corporations such as Walmart has already experimented with creating virtual reality stores for users to browse virtual shelves. Does this offer anything more than an online list? No, not really.

Despite a lot of effort from corporations to make metaverse shopping a popular activity, many Americans are not interested. On top of the fact that shopping in virtual reality is more time consuming, many are concerned about its security.

In a survey by CouponFollow, American citizens were asked about their thoughts on Metaverse Shopping. Not only were only 31% of respondents excited about using the virtual world for shopping, but 50% had no idea how virtual shopping would work at all.

Out of those who did care about shopping in the virtual world, there were very few uses many could see from it. 23% of shoppers wanted to use the virtual world to buy clothes, 21% wanted to buy games and 15% wanted to buy tech. Curiously, only 9% of people reached to buy custom avatars for use in the virtual world.

Concerns of the virtual world

Not only were the vast majority of survey members uninterested in using the metaverse for shopping, but many were worried about its security. With the next-gen platform all in its earliest form, many are scared of potential exploitation.

From all of the worries respondents expressed, 52% were worried about scammers trying to trick them. 39% of people were worried about identity theft, 38% were worried about privacy issues and 32% were worried about detachment from reality.

All in all, it would appear that the general public is very way of virtual shopping in metaverse worlds. While those in the know may be well up for a bit of virtual spending, the general idea of Metaverse consumerism is overwhelming negative.

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