Metaverse Sex will be better than real sex, claims Sex Metaverse founder

There’s only one way your platform will take off and that’s if pornography backs it. From VHS to The Internet, pornography has been the backbone of technology for decades, and that’s no different with the Metaverse. With the power of "Dreamcam", Metaverse Sex will soon be a reality for those who want it.

Dreamcam wants Metaverse Sex to be mainstream

Speaking to British tabloid The Sun, Dreamcam Vice President Daniel Goldin revealed his plans for the next-generation of sexual interaction. As an evolution of the camgirl experience, Dreamcam is making a full-on Sex Metaverse to create “totally immersive, realistic and interactive” scenarios.

Goldin explained that the “free-to-enter” virtual world will allow users to interact directly with “beautiful XXX models”. Using the power of virtual reality and haptic tech, Dreamcam hopes to create Metaverse Sex that’s as good, if not better (somehow) than real life.

“Via haptic technology [we can] create the sensation of touch, either on their lips or even inside their mouths," Goldin explained. "In short, masturbation, which was once an entirely voyeuristic experience is now totally immersive, realistic and interactive.

Currently, Dreamcam runs a “VR camming platform”. However, Goldin believes that traditional adult video is simply “boring”. The Vice President wildly explained that Metaverse tech will give adult films a jump as large as the introduction of sound in movies.

"I think both porn and virtual sex will reach a new horizon of perception by adding tactile sensations to the visual component," he explained. "Just as after the advent of sound cinema we can't imagine a movie without an audio track.

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Is it cheating if you bang someone in The Metaverse?

Of course, if virtual sex is as real as real sex, many would class it as cheating on a partner. Some already consider watching adult films as cheating, but when real-time discussions and “touch” are introduced is that not breaking the barrier of cheating?

As Goldin explains, Metaverse Sex is fully immersive. He says: "when you touch the avatar you're going to feel the model's cheek or knee or whatever part you're feeling. It's as real as real sex with a technological barrier.”

However, the Dreamcam VP claims that the service will be cheating “without actually cheating. We call it legal cheating." He explains that “Some users are looking for a way to cheat legally, others lack the satisfaction of their fetishes.”

Of course, as with any sexual scenario, whether or not Metaverse Sex is cheating or not will be down to a couple-by-couple basis. However, it does feel like it will be a line crossed for most couples.

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Someone was going to do it

Dreamcam’s Metaverse Sex push was an obvious inevitability. After all, VR sexual content was created as soon as VR became a viable medium, if not before. With the release of any new technology, someone will always have the thought: “How can this get me off?”

One thing to keep in mind with Metaverse Sex experiences is the toxicity of Metaverse users. With Dreamcam’s product giving users direct interactions with sex workers with the anonymity of the internet, there needs to be heavy moderation to make sure that harassment is eliminated.

After all, we’ve already seen rampant reports of racism, sexism and sexual harrasment in Metaverse products. This will be no different.

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