Metaverse Sex devs describe fulfilling fantasies in the virtual world

The Metaverse is going to be an immersive virtual world when/if it releases. But the one thought on a lot of minds — not ours, may I add — is how Metaverse Sex will alter online relationships.

As with any technology, there’s an audience that cares about how it can be used to get off. For computers, it was online pornography and video chats, same as smartphones. For VR, fully immersive virtual intercourse is planned to be a complete feature.

The different approaches to Metaverse Sex

Metaverse Sex is an inevitability of the technology. After all, we live in a world where people stuff Buzz Lightyear toys in places they shouldn’t be. But the virtual world of the soon-to-be Metaverse offers a place for people to safely engage in sexual activities.

As said by Refinery29, The Metaverse will allow people to engage in kinky activity without judgement. Certain worlds within The Metaverse could allow people to safely explore kinks, fetishes and more.

With headsets and vests that provide haptic feedback, long distance relationships could benefit heavily from this technology. While it won’t be a substitute to real touching, it could be a fine emulation of the experience.

In the article, the outlet talked to RD Lab, a company working on creating cybersex platforms. Lead Character Artist at RD Lab explained:

“A combination of audio, visual, tactile (haptic), and even olfactory stimulus lends to a more robust sense of immersion in the digital world. In our worlds, every sensation can bring pleasure if the user so desires and so allows.”

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Fulfilling fantasies

RD Lab isn’t the only company working on Metaverse Sex applications. For example, Viro Playspace aims to take full advantage of the virtual world to create fantastical sexual experiences.

As Refinery states, Viro aims to create realistic fantasy experiences. These include sex with vampires, succubi and other fantasy creatures. Furthermore, the company will sell toys that replicate the feeling of what’s happening in the virtual platform.

For some, these fantasies will be the most important part of the experience. Living out fictional sexual fantasies in safe environments is something that only VR can provide. Well, that and very expensive cosplay.

Perhaps, one day in the future, the Metaverse will even help me fulfil my biggest sexual fantasy: peace and quiet.

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