Metaverse Real Estate sales to hit $6 billion sales by 2026

The virtual market of Metaverse real estate is currently an emerging market. As property sells in virtual lands, Metaverse landlords are arriving to take advantage of demand. With this in mind, analysts are expecting the market to skyrocket in value in just a few years.

How many Metaverse Real Estate sales will there be?

In a report by market research firm Technavio, the virtual property market is growing rapidly. This current growth is predicted to continue from 2021 all the way up to 2026, reaching a total value of $5.37 billion. This would give the market a compound interest prediction of 61.74%.

This growth comes with the assumption that Metaverse real estate will be the next big trend instead of a fad. Furthermore, the market is expected to be mainly exploited by brands and advertisers in order to push real-life products.

Other information provided included predictions for region popularity. Via market research, the United States is expected to be the most invested in the Metaverse. Despite countries like South Korea investing heavily in the technology, America will lead the pack.

In the study, it’s claimed that America and Canada will collectively make up 41% of the Metaverse real estate sales. However, it looks like most of these sales are from companies and investors.

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The Volatility Issue

Noted in the study, the Metaverse Real Estate predictions are highly variable. This is because the industry does not fit an explicit demand like, say, real property. As such, the market is subject to massive volatility.

The study explains that, unlike real housing demand, virtual property is all about buyer belief. A fake house can’t be worth a fixed rate compared to other houses if it’s simply not wanted.

While the Metaverse market is expected to be huge, it’s still just a pipe dream. The foundations are being made, but the industry could crumble.

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