Metaverse: Is There Only One Metaverse And How Do I Join The Metaverse?

Undeniably, Metaverse is the next big thing. It is a new, exciting, and revolutionary concept that will change the way we live in the 21st century. It seems that the time has come for the real world to merge with the digital world. In this situation, everyone is looking for a piece of it. What is this mysterious, futuristic, and revolutionary concept all about? How to join the Metaverse? We are here to answer those questions. Keep reading!

Is there Only One Metaverse?

Indeed, there is only one Metaverse... ideally. No matter how many companies are involved, or what they are called, there is supposed to be only one. After all, it's a collection of virtual worlds or environments, which are interconnected by a principle of openness, which enables seamless movement, and transfer of assets.

As an illustration, it could be represented as a collection of islands, each island representing a virtual world. For example, one island might represent Facebook's virtual world, another might represent Epic Games' virtual world, and so on. All the islands are collectively called the Metaverse and the individual islands are called "virtual world" or "virtual environment" or the name given by the company it owns.

However, as capitalism rears its head, the purpose of the collective virtual worlds disappears. Facebook won't want to share their worlds with Epic or Apple, and vice versa. One could say that these commercial verses are merely facsimiles of what the idea represents.

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How Do I Join the Metaverse?

Basically, the entire concept is simply the Internet. However, it's been enhanced and upgraded to consistently deliver 3D content. By comparison, the Internet is a collection of 2D websites, while the Metaverse (future internet) will present the information to its users in the form of 3D spaces, places, objects and characters. Eventually, the Internet will evolve and expand to offer new information services to encompass this idea.

The Metaverse will be open and it is for everyone. Indeed, the Internet has always been an open platform that allows anyone to access or contribute to any website. This is no different. It is just an extension of that concept to 3D. With a VR device and an internet connection, you will be able to join/access the Metaverse.

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