Metaverse AI Builder Bot creates VR lands as you describe them in seconds

Mark Zuckerberg's metaverse is being designed to offer a second Internet that users will be able to play, work and relax in. It's current form is… rough, looking very dated compared to other VR experiences, but Meta — formerly Facebook — hopes that it can bring in users with cool features. One of these features is a the AI Builder Bot.

Metaverse world creation with AI Builder Bot

Shown off at a recent AI showcase, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed an essential tool for the company's metaverse project. With the entire project being dependant on users creating virtual playgrounds, the company is hoping to make that even easier.

In the showcase, Zuckerberg and another are inside the company's Horizon Worlds app. At first, the two stand in an empty locale. However, as they start to describe things they want to a silent assistant, the world is built in front of them.

For example, Zuckerberg tells the metaverse AI world builder to take them to a part. It generates a park. The two change their minds, asking for a beach, the tool swaps out the flat park for a beach. After comes the set dressing, pointing at places, the two ask for an island, a bench, picnic blanket and other assorted islands.

The tool can even be used to select the specific type of clouds a user wants. At one point, Zuckerberg tells the software to swap out the clouds for “altocumulus clouds”. It’s an impressive showcase of AI generation, even if Meta’s metaverse looks like a Roblox rip-off.

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AI and Meta: A longlasting partnered

Meta’s Metaverse AI Builder Bot is just one small part of the company's massive suite of AI tools. Backed by a top-of-the-line supercomputer designed entirely around AI, the company is putting a substantial amount of money into new AI technologies.

Just one of Meta’s in-development tools is an AI universal speech translator. Designed to translate any speech in real-time to words for other people, the tool could be an amazing augmented reality tool that helps to connect people. Of course, the tool will also be used in the metaverse.

More AI tools are always in development, especially at massive companies like Meta or Google. Hopefully, all of the tools in development will be used for the betterment of human kind. However, they're probably just going to be used to push ads.

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