Meta's Metaverse is a ‘flaming bag of s**t’, claims marketing expert

Can Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg successfully create The Metaverse? While the social media-making, surfboarding CEO is spending billions upon billions on his new focus, many believe that Meta's Metaverse won't pay off.

One of these people is NYU marketing professor Scott Galloway, a renowned marketing expert tuned in to Meta's plans. Speaking on Vox's Pivot podcast, Galloway revealed his thoughts on Zuckerberg's recent Metaverse push, and whether or not it'll succeed.

Scott Galloway on Meta's Metaverse

During his appearance on Vox's podcast, Galloway pulled no punches when discussing Facebook's Meta rebranding. While the marketing expert praised CEO Mark Zuckerberg for attempting to right a sinking ship, he heavily criticised the company's plans.

For those who aren't aware, Facebook is diverting everything into creating a real-life Metaverse, a virtual world created in 90s sci-fi dystopia novels. However, this move is a confusing one; while Metaverse tech would be impressive, who wants to be trapped in virtual reality?

Galloway expressed the same regard. The marketing professor claimed that, if successful, it would be “one of the most impressive feats in — not even corporate renewal — but vision around maintaining growth.”

However, Galloway doesn't think the Metaverse push will be successful. Instead, he stated: “I don’t think they’re going to [pull this off]. I think this thing is already a giant flaming bag of s**t.”

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Mark Zuckerberg shooting money into the metaverse
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Nobody wants to be trapped in Virtual Reality

Galloway’s comments on Meta's Metaverse have been almost universally repeated over the past few months. Those thoughts not only revolve around the dystopic nature of the Metaverse idea, but also the uncomfortable use of the hardware it requires.

The marketing expert claims that Oculus technology is still too clunky to be used all day by billions worldwide. Galloway claims that not only is Meta's Metaverse unimpressive to most people, but the hardware “portal” to enter it is also in unimpressive.

The Oculus Quest hardware is fantastic in short bursts, but as an avid VR gamer, it's just not something you want to use all day. Of course, everyone is different, some may enjoy being trapped in VR, but most people won't.

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