Meta revealed Metaverse avatar Legs… but they were fake

Mark Zuckerberg recently revealed a new metaverse avatar and made a big deal about it having legs during an event. However, as many expected, the use of legs ended up being a lie, as the video was actually made beforehand.

Admittedly, most consumers are used to being lied to, as video game and movie trailers have jaded many a person. Still, considering how the metaverse is supposed to be this online platform filled with avatars, this isn’t a good look.

Those metaverse avatar legs were fake

UploadVR’s Ian Hamilton reported on the metaverse avatar legs being fake, even getting a follow-up comment from a Meta representative. Like most commercials or trailers, this was made in advance with hopes that these virtual legs can really be done.

“To enable this preview of what’s to come, the segment featured animations created from motion capture,” Meta says.

It’s not exactly surprising to find out that these digital legs were fake all along since it didn’t seem plausible. Unfortunately, having Zuckerberg act like they were real was a bad move since it made people think it could have been legitimate. Had it been a pre-recorded commercial, netizens wouldn’t be as hard on the company for this.

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Another black eye for Zuckerberg?

Social media hasn’t been particularly kind to Mark Zuckerberg, thanks to his previous metaverse avatar and accusations of being a robot. Critics can now add “lied about metaverse legs” as a reason to hate the Meta CEO, as if they needed more ammunition.

Zuckerberg will recover from this since the man is a billionaire with unlimited resources, so fans shouldn’t feel too bad about all the dunking. Either way, anyone hoping that metaverse avatars will have legs anytime soon might need a lot of patience.

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