Meta OS will be the operating system of The Metaverse, claims Zuckerberg

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg is desperate to make his Metaverse dreams a reality. The billionaire believes an expansive virtual platform — with egregious commissions on user-generated content — will be the future of social interaction. But what will power this interconnected future? Well, Meta OS, of course.

What is Meta OS?

Reported by Business Insider, Zuckerberg believes that the only way to make a truly cohesive Metaverse is through the use of a centralised operating system. Similar to how proto-metaverses like Roblox and Fortnite are built off the same tools, this would allow any Metaverse to be compatible with another.

Interviewed on CNBC, Zuckerberg explained that a Meta OS could be the next step in creating a platform for the future. This would mean that rival companies would be able to use Meta OS in order to create their own products and still have everything work together.

"I think over the long term, we will need this level of integration between hardware and software and an operating system, just to deliver on what we want to build," Zuckerberg told the world. “We will get there.”

The Meta CEO failed to explain exactly what an especially designed operating system for The Metaverse would be. Furthermore, he also didn’t touch on just how much investment it would require to create such a broad product. However, there are also other concerns.

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Will anyone trust an operating system made by Facebook?

With Meta being so hated in the current climate, there’s very little will for many to engage in more products than absolutely necessary. While Facebook or Instagram are still some peoples’ social medias of choice, there’s still a level of distrust between them and Meta in general.

If the proposed next generation of the internet is to be founded by the Facebook parent company then many will be mistrusting of the product. Furthermore, if the entire framework of that future is to be created, updated and run by the company, then countless worries will pop up.

After all, current-gen operating systems are already heavily judged over matters such as privacy concerns. For example, Microsoft’s Windows platform is the most adopted OS by the general public, but it’s not as trusted as Microsoft would like.

Sure, if Facebook’s framework is the bedrock for The Metaverse, many will use it. After all, there are already thousands that populate the company’s early Metaverse now. But will they ever trust it? Probably not.

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