Meta needs AMD to make the metaverse an all-around success

While Meta is putting a lot of effort into marketing its metaverse, many are confused as to when it is actually releasing. However, the company will not be able to create the virtual world alone, requiring plenty of help from other corporations such as hardware company AMD.

In a new development, Meta's metaverse development will require heavily on AMD's help. With the hardware company recently buying Xilinx for $35 billion, the company is more ready than ever to help create the next-gen platform.

Meta, AMD and Project Evenstar

Meta's partnership with AMD revolves around Project Evenstar, a mobile network-focused program. The upcoming mobile network is aiming to be the gateway for Meta's metaverse, creating an easily accessible platform for the virtual world.

While companies like Vodafone, Deutsche Telekom, Parallel Wireless, and AceAxis are involved with Project Evenstar, Meta has placed even more importance on AMD’s involvement, specifically their CPU chips. AMD’s radio chip Xilinx Zynq UltraScale RFSoC will be utilized to make multiple Evenstar radio units and expand their 4G/5G mobile network infrastructure for the metaverse.

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Mobile networks still aren’t ready for the metaverse

Due to the metaverse’s sales pitch involving computers and phones, Meta’s reliance on AMD and Xilinx makes a ton of sense. While AMD will be working hard to make mobile networks more compatible with the metaverse, there’s still a lot of work that needs to be done. Meta needs AMD’s specialty here because even they know mobile networks aren’t ready for this yet.

"If you really look at the pace of innovation in the telecom world, compared to other markets, it’s been harder to go faster in this space," Meta VP Dan Rabinovitsj tells CNBC. "One of the things that we’ve tried to change is that trajectory of innovation."

Considering how even Meta is struggling to make the metaverse work, which Mark Zuckerberg has been honest about, we imagine the folks at AMD and Xilinx will have plenty of work to do. It remains to be seen if anything of value can be accomplished with the metaverse, especially since the current online space is already pretty toxic, but we wish everyone luck.

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