Meta increases Quest headset prices after Metaverse losses

Meta increases Quest headset prices - Zuckerberg with hell flames

Meta increases Quest headset prices - Zuckerberg with hell flames

The Metaverse push of formerly-Facebook company Meta is expensive. With virtual reality being the portal to the next-gen, the company’s affordable Quest headsets were expected to an entry point to VR. However, that affordability is being sacrificed as Metaverse losses pile up.

Meta increases Meta Quest headset price

As the Metaverse losses pile up and layoffs start, Meta has decided to increase the price of all of the Oculus Quest 2. Every model of the headset has seen a sizeable price increase, more so than inflation should bring.

Oculus Quest 2 headset prices have been increased by a gigantic $100 on each model. This means that the 128GB model is now $399.99 and the 256GB model is $499.99. However, every headset now comes with a copy of Best Saber.

In a statement regarding the price chance, the company justified the hike by claiming it is pushing VR forward. This is despite the fact that the Oculus headsets have been pushing VR forward due to their affordability.

“In order to continue investing in moving the VR industry forward for the long term, we are adjusting the price of Meta Quest 2 headsets,” the company said.

The price change will start on August 1st, 2022 worldwide. However, some retailers may still stock the cheaper models for some time, although that is retail specific.

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Will this harm The Metaverse?

The success of the Oculus Quest 2 headset has been down to its affordability. It’s not just a device that’s enjoyed by VR enthusiasts, but a headset loved in the same way the Nintendo Wii was.

This has been a key part of Meta’s Metaverse strategy as well. If it wants to sell VR to people, it needs an easy entry point, and the Quest 2 was that point. Essentially, it was a cheap portal to the company’s bigger product.

The price hike on Meta hardware could be bad for its Metaverse plans. In fact, with upcoming headsets expected to be even pricier, as well as expensive AR tech, it may be a while until the Metaverse kicks off. If it ever does.

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