Mark Zuckerberg reveals new Metaverse avatar after being ridiculed online

Mark Zuckerberg continues to live in infamy thanks to poor decisions made by Meta and his ridiculously ugly metaverse avatar. To counter all of that hate, Zuckerberg has now revealed the full body of his avatar, from head to legs.

It’s definitely an improved version over the original, though still not the detailed avatar most were expecting it to be. Still, stylized graphics tend to age well, and here’s hoping more creative people can make better ones in the future.

We have a new Mark Zuckerberg metaverse avatar

As revealed during the Meta Connect event last Tuesday, Mark Zuckerberg decided to show off his new and improved metaverse avatar. Oddly enough, Zuckerberg brought the avatar’s legs up a lot, claiming that it was "probably the most requested feature,” apparently.

"But seriously, legs are hard, which is why other virtual reality systems don't have them either," Zuckerberg said.

Unsurprisingly, this announcement comes after the Meta CEO was slammed for his previous metaverse avatar, which he admitted was “basic.” It’s still not the best-looking avatar but how many of these metaverse avatars can really be considered good or great?

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The metaverse will improve

Despite how the visuals look, Mark Zuckerberg claims that the metaverse will look better as the platform continues to evolve. The Meta CEO claims that they started with simple graphics but promises that they will improve in the near future.

"We started with simple graphics and we're doing a ton of work to meaningfully improve how Horizon will look and feel over the next year," Zuckerberg said at the Meta Connect event. "The Metaverse needs to feel inspired."

Meta has been going through a lot lately, especially now that the public is losing interest in these virtual worlds. Still, companies invested a ton of money in these platforms, so expect more of these announcements.

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