Metaverse: Is Metaverse Decentralised And How Do I Get Metaverse?

Undeniably, Metaverse is a revolutionary concept. It's the next big thing, and people have already started to prepare for it. Many companies are making preparations to join the Metaverse. In fact, the Barbados embassy and Seoul, the capital of South Korea are going to adopt it soon. However, not every person has clarity about the technical implementation of this new technology. Some say that it will be a centralized world. Will it be? Let’s find out!

Is Metaverse Decentralised?

First, let's talk about the Internet. We can say that the Internet is completely decentralised. Meaning, it is not owned or controlled by any single company or organization. Instead, it's millions of computers linked together for exchanging information via network protocols. To put it simply, no one has control over the data on the network and it's impossible to censor or shut down the Internet.

Essentially, Metaverse is the next iteration of the Internet. Therefore, like the Internet, Internet 2.0 should also be a decentralized network. It should not be owned by any single entity. Instead, it should be a distributed peer-to-peer network that uses blockchain technology to maintain consensus. That means no central authority should be in control of the network.

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How Do I Get Metaverse?

As with the Internet, the Metaverse will be free and open to everyone. Compared to the Internet, it will be more interactive and engaging because it will have contents delivered in 3D. While the Internet is a collection of 2D websites, the Metaverse will be a collection of 3D virtual worlds/environments.

Since all the contents are in 3D, you have to wear a VR headset to access these virtual environments. The Metaverse will become a 3D world for people from all walks of life. It will be a virtual place for entertainment, education, communication, business, shopping, etc. People will be able to interact with each other in 3D and share experiences in real-time in a more natural way.

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