If You Die In The Metaverse: What Happens If You Die In The Metaverse?

Virtual reality is becoming an increasingly popular concept in recent years. It has become clear that VR will not only change our lives in the near future but will eventually dominate our lives. Digital life will be the centre of the future. It will not be about the physical world anymore. The virtual world will eventually take over. In the Metaverse, people will live, work, and play. But what happens if someone dies in the Metaverse? We’ll take a closer look at this and find out what happens if you die in the Metaverse.

If you die in the metaverse, you die in real life: Elon Musk

Following the rebrand of Facebook under the new name 'Meta', SpaceX founder Elon Musk shared a Matrix-inspired meme on Twitter.

Musk tweeted the image, which reads: "If you die in the metaverse, you die in real life," in a chain of tweets, mocking Zuckerberg.

In response to which one user wrote: "Is this the new story arc for Black Mirror?", referring to the Netflix Series.

Another wrote: "What if we’re already in an infinite sim and can’t die?"

The tweet is a nod to the Matrix series of films in which people can die in the virtual world (Matrix). Meaning, if someone dies in the Matrix, they also die in real life. Metaverse is the same concept as the film, The Matrix, where humans are kept in a virtual reality simulation and the world around them is not real.

So, if you die in the Metaverse, you die in real life like Matrix? Let's find out!

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What Happens if You Die in the Metaverse?

The question is what happens IF you die in the Metaverse. Therefore, let us assume that death exists in the Metaverse. We'll begin by talking about the Metaverse. Metaverse is a digital simulation where people interact as avatars. You can explore, you can go shopping, you can go to virtual trips and concerts, etc.

So, the Metaverse is basically a digital world and if you die in the Metaverse, you do not physically die. Like any game, there are no real-life consequences of dying in the Metaverse. It will be like a "Game Over" situation.

As an illustration, we can say that death in the Metaverse is similar to experiencing death in your dream. You wake up from the dream — you come back to the real world unscathed. Well, usually.

Meanwhile, Opera GX, the world's only browser for gamers, is launching the first-ever Metaverse graveyard. The idea is to bury the avatars of people who ceased to be gamers due to real-life responsibilities and commitments. Users can choose a stone skin, add their friend’s gaming nickname, write a eulogy and note the date they were last seen online.

Fact is that if you die in the metaverse, you luckily don’t die in real life. But people do miss you. The online graveyard is a subtle tool for people to tell their friends who went missing on Discord or in a game that they miss them
Maciej Kocemba, Head of Opera GX

Like the Opera GX, it's likely that other virtual worlds in the Metaverse will also feature a graveyard for the sake of just roasting your friends when they end their virtual life.

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