Iceland metaverse advert hilariously mocks Zuckerberg’s future internet

As the metaverse aims to snatch humanity from earth and into its virtual world, what will happen to the planet's greatest views? Well, to be honest, for many they'll be poorly recreated inside a VR headset. Unsurprisingly, some aren't happy with this direction for humanity, and a viral Iceland metaverse advert has come along to grill it.

What is the Iceland metaverse advert?

Released last weekend, the tourism board for the country of Iceland released a ‘Welcome to the Icelandverse” video. As a parody of Mark Zuckerberg’s metaverse presentation, the video hilariously mocks Meta’s vision for the future.

The Iceland metaverse parody wittily critiques the Meta presentation. Icelandverse's host is a more human-like Icelandic clone of Zuckerberg — Zack Mossbergsson. His appearance is a direct copy of the Meta CEO, even down to the haircut.

Mossbergson welcomes viewers into a “very realistic world” to discuss his vision for the future. That future revolves around a way to “connect our world without being super weird”. While some believe it to be impossible, the advert believes it’s already possible with Icelandverse.

The Iceland metaverse parody claims to offer “enhanced, actual reality without the need for silly looking headsets”. Additionally, the “open world experience” is 100% real, completely immersive and has water that's wet.

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A reminder of the world's beauty

The Icelandverse video shows exactly why the metaverse is a fallacy. For as realistic and immersive as Meta could possibly make their tech, the world will always be just as magical. In just two minutes, this one video of real Iceland shows more wonder than any of Meta’s marketing could.

Maybe that's because the metaverse doesn't have the tech it needs yet. On the other hand, maybe it's because the world has unfathomably beautiful places like Iceland to escape to. Sure, you can't be a 3D-rendered robot in Iceland, but you can be you in Iceland.

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