Farm Me Metaverse Game: What Is Farm Me And How Is Farm Me Metaverse?

Many people are already familiar with the popular social game, Farmville. Now there is a new game called Farm Me. The concept behind this game is very similar to that of Farmville. However, the difference is that Farm Me is a Metaverse game and you could earn money from it. Let’s find out more about the game!

What is Farm Me?

Based on the BSC platform, Farm Me is a 3D farming game with a fascinating storyline, vivid graphics and all completely different gameplay activities. The game takes you to an alien planet where you will need to build your farm from the ground up. In the meantime, you'll also need to defend your farm against alien invaders, and fight to survive. The gameplay involves engaging activities such as farming, breeding, cooking, transportation, hunting, and fighting. 

To get started playing the game, players will need to purchase the Hero and Farm from the Marketplace. Subsequently, you are going to farm and breed on the land you own. You’ll be able to grow fruits and vegetables, and breed animals to feed you and sell the surplus for money.

The map is populated with many different structures, such as farms, forests, mountains, ore mines, towns and beaches. Along with farming, you could also do fishing, hunting and mining to increase your income. What's more, wild creatures found in the forests can be tamed and turned into pets. Gamers can even get married together in the game and give birth to a child to have a stronger Hero.

The Farm Me Metaverse game is available on both mobile (Android & iOS) and PC (Browser & PC app). Furthermore, the game will also come to VR devices in the future.

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How is Farm Me a Metaverse Game?

The Farm Me team aims to bring the interactive, immersive and collaborative world — a metaverse for players. The Farm Me players are immersed in a 3D world with natural elements, such as houses, farms, forests, beaches, mountains etc.

As noted before, Farm Me is equipped with lots of fun activities for players to enjoy. To make the game more interesting, various PVP and PVE games are also included in the Metaverse. In addition, you can also play mini-games and complete events (daily, weekly, monthly) to unlock new items and rewards. Obviously, in-game crypto tokens can be earned through various activities.

Farm Me offers an open world environment, where players can freely move around the game. Players can use their own farmhouse as the headquarters of their own business. In addition, the players can go to the nearby towns to meet other gamers, chat and trade with them. Read more about the game here.

Overall, the Farm Me Metaverse game is an exciting, entertaining and interactive farming simulation game. Furthermore, the game is packed with all the fun elements of farming that will keep you interested. If you are looking for an immersive and engaging gaming experience, the Farm Me is a great choice for you. Sin City Metaverse is another trending game with an attractive storyline that you might want to try.

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