Facebook’s ‘disastrous’ Metaverse strategy has scared rivals, says CEO

Ever since Mark Zuckerberg targeted the metaverse and renamed Facebook to Meta, the company has tried monopolizing the platform. The disastrous strategy has made rival companies worried that Meta will have a monopoly on user data and online revenue.

While there are numerous metaverse platforms coming out, most have associated the term with Mark Zuckerberg and his company Meta. There’s a hope that the recent decline in Web3 and NFTs will slow things down, though we’ll wait and see.

Improbable’s Herman Narula slams Meta’s strategy

Sifted reports that Herman Narula, CEO of metaverse rival Improbable, has slammed Mark Zuckerberg and Meta over their current plans. As expected, Improbable and other companies are worried about the bad reputation the online platform is getting, thanks to Meta.

“It wasn’t so much the renaming of the company that was helpful. It was the completely disastrous strategy that followed,” said Narula. “Every single company and enterprise wanting to build services relevant to the metaverse felt a deep fear [about Facebook owning the metaverse].”

To those unaware, many are worried that Zuckerberg’s Meta will keep doing what they do now with Instagram and Facebook. Considering how much of our personal data they have now, many feel the metaverse will do more of the same.

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Facebook can’t be trusted with the metaverse

Narula continued his brutal criticism of Mark Zuckerberg and how he’s treated the metaverse, pointing out their handling of misinformation. Many will point out how Facebook has been used by many to parade fake news and that still continues, unfortunately.

“Facebook consistently argues that they can’t data police misinformation,” he said. “Then you look at something like Wikipedia — it has a tiny fraction of the funding and manpower of Facebook and yet, consistently, we use it on a daily basis to find facts and can be confident in their accuracy.”

Meta and Zuckerberg won’t be leaving the metaverse anytime soon but many hope they end up changing some of their ways. Considering how big these virtual worlds are supposed to be, fans should be willing to give alternate online platforms a shot.

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