Everdome Metaverse: What Is Everdome Metaverse And What Is Everdome Crypto?

Everdome is the latest Metaverse project that is making waves in the crypto space. The mission of the project is to deliver an entirely new Metaverse experience from its contemporaries. Everdome aims to create a high-tech, immersive, and hyper-realistic virtual environment that will bring brands and people together. So, what exactly is the Everdome Metaverse and how is it different? Let’s find out!

What is Everdome Metaverse?

The virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) industries have grown tremendously in the last few years. However, there are still a lot of problems that need to be solved before they become mainstream. One problem is the lack of realistic avatars. Because current avatars in virtual worlds look very cartoonish and unrealistic, it has become difficult for people to relate to each other in these worlds. Everdome Metaverse aims to solve this problem by making avatars more realistic.

In partnership with Metahero, Everdome Metaverse aims to provide a hyper-realistic Metaverse 3.0 experience. Everdome will be able to create virtual items and avatars that are truly life-like. Meaning, avatars can be made to look as real as a human face. This is made possible by combining 3D scanning technology with state-of-the-art VR and AR technology.

Everdome Metaverse uses 3D scanning technology to generate ultra-realistic 3D. 3D scanning allows the avatar to be scanned and modelled in the exact shape and size of the user’s face. This makes the avatar lifelike and realistic. However, it doesn’t stop there. The technology can even create virtual accessories for avatars. For example, virtual belts, shoes, and other accessories can be added to avatars. These items are made to look as realistic as possible.

Like most of the famous Metaverses, Everdome also offers virtual land. People will be able to buy, rent and lease land, as well as build storefronts for your business. Additionally, Everdome provides advertisement spaces to showcase your products and services.

Without a doubt, Everdome Metaverse will revolutionize the virtual reality industry. Finally, you will be able to play as you in Metaverse games and look exactly like you in video conferences. On the whole, Everdome Metaverse is an exciting project that has the potential to bring about a new era of virtual reality.

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What is Everdome Crypto?

DOME crypto is the native currency of the Everdome Metaverse. It has a max. supply of 100,000,000,000 coins and is used for all in-world transactions. Everdome offers the ability to earn DOME crypto by playing games, selling or renting out your land and staking coins. 

As of March 7, 2022, the DOME crypto price is $0.048541 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $48,819,729 USD. The coin is up 0.35% in the last 24 hours. If you would like to buy DOME crypto, the top cryptocurrency exchanges for trading in Everdome stock are currently OKXBybitHotcoin GlobalGate.io, and BKEX.

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What is Metahero?

Metahero is a platform that uses blockchain and Ultra-HD Metascanning technology to create ultra-realistic 3D avatars and virtual items to be used across games, VR, social media, and online fashion. It also allows scanning real-world art into ultra-HD 3D NFTs and storing it on the blockchain, which makes the art virtually indestructible and eternal.

Metahero 3D chambers placed around the world allow anyone to scan anything, including themselves, in ultra-high-definition. The 3D chamber consists of 200 Sony A7RIVA cameras divided by 10 per one column. Each camera is a full-frame Exmor R ™ CMOS 61.0 Mp1 sensor working with the BIONZ X processor. This allows the resulting 3D model to have the most realistic details in terms of texture, gradation, and lighting. As a result, the quality of the resulting model is unprecedented with an 8K texture.

Metahero's long-term goal is to create the largest database of 3D scanned real-world objects and people. For that purpose, Metahero will be paying people, in their native currency ($HERO), to get scanned. On the whole, Metahero is an amazing project that has a lot of potential but has not been fully functional yet. However, Metahero has a working prototype that can be viewed here.

$HERO token holders are guaranteed spots on the presale of the Everdome Metaverse. 5% of the total supply is reserved for them, along with massive land discounts all by following very simple rules. So, go here if you like to partake in the exclusive Everdome Metaverse presale.

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