Barely anyone knows what The Metaverse is, despite all the marketing

Many companies are still attempting to make the metaverse popular, with various businesses pouring billions into it. This platform is still unproven, but advert-based force-feeding from heaven giants is trying hard to make the virtual world the next big trend. Unfortunately for them, most of the world just isn’t interested in the metaverse.

Only 16% are interested

According to a recent survey from The Drum, only 16% of the population is even remotely interested in the metaverse. From what was given in the aforementioned survey, which ranged from 18 to 60, people aged 18 to 29 didn’t understand the metaverse. Those that aged older seemed to understand what it is but didn’t care.

Despite all the advertising from big corporations, it’s clear that this platform isn’t going to be for everyone. While many companies are hoping that the metaverse is going to be the future, most people aren’t planning to buy VR headsets, let alone spend most of their day in them.

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There are curious folks though…

Before we start celebrating the metaverse being a failure, the survey also showed that there is a staggering amount of curiosity for the platform. Apparently, there’s a nice 41% that think there might be something to the metaverse, which is what all these companies want. Only time will tell if that curiosity will lead to more involvement though.

Granted, we can’t blame anyone for showing some interest in this metaverse concept. Media like Ready Player One and Sword Art Online have made the notion of a virtual world interesting. Like Ready Player One, the metaverse is expecting to sell you a lot of things, especially with all these companies that are invested in it.

No one cares about NFTs

While most people aren’t interested in the metaverse, despite some curiosity, the survey also reveals that there’s a great 68% of users don’t care for NFTs. It’s a shame that it isn’t one percent higher since that would have been a nice group of users but we digress. NFTs are bad and it’s good to know that most people know that.

Overall, it’s clear that this world of metaverses, NFTs, crypto, and so much more don’t mean much to most of the world. Companies are hoping to change minds with future plans but that’s going to take a lot of convincing.

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