Baidu Metaverse: What Is Baidu Metaverse And Does The Xi Rang Metaverse Support Crypto Coins And NFTs?

The concept of Metaverse has been around for years now. But, it wasn’t until Facebook’s rebranding to Meta that the general public became aware of it. Since then, many new Metaverse projects have emerged with a lot of promise. One of them is the Xi Rang Metaverse of Chinese tech giant Baidu. Let's take a closer look at this project.

What is Baidu Metaverse?

On December 27, 2021, Baidu announced its Xi Rang Metaverse app - China's first Metaverse platform. Xi Rang means “Land of Hope” in Chinese and Baidu hopes to use the Metaverse in many areas like gaming, entertainment, education, advertising, conferences, and exhibitions.

Simply put, Xi Rang Metaverse is a VR app like Meta's Horizon Worlds which allows users to create an avatar and interact with other players. However, unlike Horizon Worlds, the platform can be accessed via smartphones and computers.

Creator City, the first city in Xi Ring Metaverse, features ancient buildings from the Chinese Mythology and plenty of other beautiful attractions. Moreover, there is a virtual conference hall that allows 100,000 users to attend a meeting. The same was used to host the company’s annual developers’ event, Create 2021.

Users have a variety of fun activities to do in the Baidu Metaverse. From visiting exhibitions and creating artwork to practicing springboard diving and Kung-Fu in a Shaolin temple. We're likely to see more activities added to the platform in the near future, as it's still in its early stages of development.

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Does the Xi Rang Metaverse Support Crypto Coins And NFTs?

Currently, the Xi Rang Metaverse doesn't support crypto coins and NFTs. In fact, Baidu vice president Ma Jie said that Baidu's Metaverse app will not support digital currencies or trading assets related to virtual property.

The decision is in line with China's renewed ban on cryptocurrencies, which was announced in September 2021. Summing up the ban, the Chinese authorities have made it clear that all cryptocurrency-related business activities are “illegal financial activities” and strictly prohibited.

However, if Baidu adds cryptocurrencies or NFTs to the Xi Rang Metaverse app, it will certainly be a game-changer. But, it seems highly unlikely at this point. In the end, we can only wait and see.

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