Axie Infinity: How Much Does It Cost To Start Axie Infinity And Can You Make Money On Axie Infinity?

Play to earn games are the latest craze. There are over dozens of these games on the market and one of them is Axie Infinity. It is very popular among gamers because of its fast earning potential. Today, we are going to look at Axie Infinity. We will look at how much it costs to start Axie Infinity and whether you can make money on Axie Infinity. Let's start!

How Much Does it Cost to Start Axie Infinity?

Although Axie Infinity is free to download, it costs you some money to start playing the game. So, if you want to make money on Axie Infinity, you will need to invest some first.

In order to start the game, you need to have at least 3 Axies. In case you don't know, Axies are NFT creatures in the game that you can collect and breed and use in battles to earn money.

These creatures don't come cheap. At the time of writing, the lowest price for an Axie is $29 (0.01 AXS). You can get an Axie with decent stats for around $100 (1.8 AXS). So, doing the math, it will at least cost you $87 (0.03 AXS) just to start with the Axie Infinity game. Go over here to find out how to buy Axies.

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Can You Make Money on Axie Infinity?

Axie Infinity is a play to earn game, and definitely, you can make money from it. In order to make a good amount of money on Axie Infinity, you need to have a good team (team of Axies).

In the game, you can earn money by doing various activities. You can earn money by battling monsters in Adventure Mode, fighting other players in Arena Mode and completing all daily missions & quests.

Another way to earn money on Axie Infinity is through breeding Axies. You can breed any two mature creatures to create offspring. The baby Axie will inherit all the features from both its parents.

If you manage to breed a quality Axie with unique and superior features, you can expect to sell it at the marketplace for around $200. In addition, you can level up your Axies in Adventure Mode by earning EXP points, and later sell them for profit.

You can also earn money on Axie Infinity through staking AXS tokens. Staking is the process of locking your AXS tokens at a particular interest rate, earning rewards for the locked period.

So, are you ready to start Axie Infinity? Getting started with Axie Infinity is a bit confusing process. Go over here to find our simple guide on getting started with Axie Infinity. The best part is, the game is available on mobile (Android and iOS) and PC (Windows, macOS).

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