Apple’s Mixed Reality technology will constantly scan your eyeballs for data

We know that constantly looking at screens can be bad for our eyes, so what happens when they’re constantly scanned? Because Apple is preparing a mixed reality metaverse headset that will scan our eyes every chance it gets for data.

Seeing an Apple device use scanning technology isn’t exactly new, as modern-day iPhones use that method all the time. Apparently, the scanning is a major part of the headset, as users will move through various options with their eyes.

How eye-scanning works for mixed reality headset

Daily Star reports that the iris-scanning technology of the mixed reality metaverse will be used to switch between user profiles. The eye-scanning will also be used to pay for things, log in to the headset, and even use different apps.

In other words, this is very similar to the technology Apple already uses for its iPhones and iPad these days. We can definitely see the benefit of using eye-scanning for some of these features but will it hurt our eyes?

Keep in mind that these headsets will be in our eyes for a while, which is different from using iPhones. Personally, we like the idea of using our eyes for quality-of-life improvements but not if it actually hurts our eyes.

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Nothing official (for now)

Although we have all these reports of Apple and their mixed reality metaverse headsets, the company hasn’t officially announced them. It seems that the company is experimenting on these quietly to see what works, so they don’t make empty promises.

However, it might just be the worst-kept secret in the industry, due to all of these reports. Mark Zuckerberg also called them out during a memo to his staff, claiming Meta was at war with Apple.

If the rumors are true, we might see these eye-scanning mixed reality metaverse headsets sometime in 2023.

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