Amazon executives laugh at Zuckerberg’s undefined Metaverse

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Meta’s in-development Metaverse is rapidly losing billions every quarter, but the Zuckerberg-owned company isn’t stopping yet. With losses piling up, Amazon executives are taking pleasure in the sleet already hated virtual world. 

Amazon executives on Meta’s Metaverse 

During The Wall Street Journal’s Future of Everything Festival, Amazon head of devices, David Limp, took a jab at Meta’s Metaverse. With Zuckerberg putting everything into the platform, other businesses are revelling in its rough start. 


However, Limp’s critiques of The Metaverse were far from unfair. The Amazon exec explained that the public’s inability to define what the technology is makes it hard for the product to succeed. 

Limp explains that if you ask the general public what the technology is you would get “205 different answers.” Instead, he explains that the company should be focusing more on products that enhance the real world. 

“I want to try to work on technologies that bring people’s heads up,” Limp said. “Get them to enjoy the real world about them, make the family a more communal experience.”

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Everyone is laughing at Meta 

Amazon executives aren’t the only ones enjoying Meta’s struggles in creating The Metaverse. While employees leave en masse, remaining ones are becoming confused by the Metaverse focus taking over every business Meta owns. 

Other companies have also criticised the tech trend. Snap, the company behind Snapchat, believes that VR Metaverses are too isolating, instead opting to develop Augmented Reality glasses. Pokémon Go developers Niantic echoed the same sentiment, claiming a Metaverse is too dystopic for our future

Nevertheless, Meta is still funnelling everything into creating the virtual world. With the tech expected to add trillions to global revenue in the next ten years, it might not even be a bad move for the company.