VR school teaches users how to DJ in the metaverse

Being a DJ is something that seems easy but is pretty hard to do, so imagine trying to be one in the metaverse. To help with that problem, a new online school has opened, which will teach aspiring students how to DJ in the metaverse.

While partying with DJs in the metaverse might sound crazy, the pandemic changed things and made online hangouts more acceptable. However, will being a DJ in the metaverse pick up as a hip new trend? Or will it continue to be a niche like the metaverse itself?

How to DJ in the metaverse

Tribe XR offers lessons to DJ in the metaverse with various tools like Pioneer CDJ-3000s and DJM-900 NXS2 Mixer. Anyone interested in what Tribe XR has to offer can sign up and take part in various activities, eventually performing in the metaverse.

Learning how to use online tools aside, there are also workshops and masterclasses with DJ Hapa and The Tribe DJ Mentors. If users take up these classes, they will supposedly “level up” their DJ skills and eventually be ready for metaverse performances.

It’s worth noting that reviews for these Tribe XR lessons are seemingly positive, so anyone who wants to give this a go might as well try. Considering how hazardous it can be to go to a club right now, even if the pandemic is getting better, this might end up being useful.

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Metaverse parties are the future?

Now that metaverse parties are becoming normalized, alongside metaverse dating, it makes being a DJ metaverse relevant. If this concept came out a few years ago, most people would laugh at how ridiculous being an online DJ sounds. Now, however, it seems commonplace.

We’re interested in seeing just how commonplace metaverse DJs will be in a few months or years. Granted, we prefer listening to DJs in the real world but that’s a scary place right now, even with all the improvements.

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