Metaverse muzzle keeps your voice trapped in the virtual world

The metaverse has lent itself to some really odd concepts, from online-only dating to being a DJ and so on. However, we might have seen the weirdest one yet, as a metaverse muzzle has now been revealed to the public.

On paper, it looks more like a BDSM item, lacking any comfort for anyone using this odd device. Interestingly enough, this muzzle can actually be used to have private talks in public online spaces, which is somewhat appealing.

A metaverse muzzle for private conversations

Despite looking like a metaverse muzzle, Gizmodo revealed that the device is actually called the “mutalk” and it ensures privacy. Unlike other microphones, the mutalk contains most of the sound coming from your mouth and is sent to someone privately.

While it may look ridiculous and a bit kinky, the fact that ensures private conversations in online spaces is unique. Granted, people can always chat with each other through other conversation apps but it at least has some interesting uses.

It will be interesting to see how the public reacts to this machine, especially the design from the company Shiftall. Fans of weird or niche technology might be able to get a kick out of this but that’s about it.

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When is the mutalk coming out?

Fans interested in this metaverse muzzle might be wondering when they can get their hands on this piece of technology. Currently, the device isn’t available to the public but is expected to be priced at $140, assuming everything goes well.

Admittedly, we don’t think that the mutalk is going to be a hit with mainstream audiences due to its design. BDSM jokes aside, it just looks uncomfortable, and adding VR goggles to the mix just makes the idea look messy.

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