Meta’s Project Cambria metaverse headset found abandoned in hotel room

Many are expecting to see Meta reveal their Project Cambria metaverse headset soon, as it’s the next big metaverse step. However, in an unexpected turn of events, some fan claims to have found the headset abandoned in a hotel room.

Pictures of the upcoming metaverse headset have already made their way online, which is embarrassing for Meta and their conference. Now that the cat’s out of the bag, it will be fun to see how those in Meta will react.

Someone accidentally left Project Cambria

Unsurprisingly, the abandoned Project Cambria metaverse headset has been posted on Reddit, with many wondering how someone could leave it. We’re all human and accidents happen but when you consider how these headsets were supposed to be shown, it’s embarrassing.

Supposedly called the Quest Pro, the visor has a larger forehead pad but doesn't have a strap across the top. Apparently, this VR headset is designed for more than gaming, so it will be very interesting to see the showcase.

While there isn’t a confirmed show for the headset to appear in, the leak should lead to a rushed reveal. It’s the nature of this business since we’ve seen trailers for technology, movies, and games released early after a leak.

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The leak doesn’t reveal much

Although it was definitely dumb to leave Project Cambria in a random hotel room, the leak doesn’t actually reveal much. Granted, the leaker did decide to censor some of the information on their photos but it’s not like they’d be able to use it.

Overall, this was unfortunate, though hilarious, situation and one that Meta will want people to forget. No release date for the metaverse headset has been revealed, though it’s expected to be pricier than its predecessor.

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