China's Metaverse University rethinks everything as the trend continues to fail

The metaverse was seen as a platform that would take off, to the point that schools about it were made. However, China seems to be second-guessing its metaverse university, as the public has seemingly lost interest in the online platform.

Considering the work that has to be done to make a university work, we’re sure this is a troubling development. While interest in the metaverse hasn’t died yet, this is proof that the concept is still a niche one.

China unsure of Metaverse university?

According to SCMP, many people in China were skeptical when the information engineering major was recently renamed to metaverse engineering. Despite a huge push from the government, the fad has died down quite a bit, making a future metaverse university more unsure.

“I feel that with this on their resumes, graduates from this major would make less of a good impression when looking for jobs,” said one user on the Zhihu app.

To be fair, some of the commenters said that renaming the major to metaverse engineering was an overall good move. Since companies are trying to make the online platform legitimate, the rebranding supposedly helps it become more popular with everyone.

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No more Metaverse majors?

Despite the popularity fading, it seems that China is determined to make a metaverse university a reality down the line. Even without all of the university-related talk, the country has already funded a ton of money to countless metaverse projects.

Overall, it seems like the world is still gearing up for a metaverse future, even if the public isn’t too interested in that. Things can always change, as there are people who think the metaverse will be something special, but they aren’t immediate.

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