The Avengers’ fates in Multiverse of Madness’ Illuminati universe finally revealed

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness introduced MCU viewers to The Illuminati. A superhero team looking over the 838 universe, the group appeared to be an alternative group compared to The Avengers.

Of course, The Avengers do exist within that universe. With Captain Carter referred to as “The First Avenger”, others must exist. But what happened to them?

Where are The Avengers in Universe 838?

In an interview with Empire, Marvel Studios Producer Richie Palmer revealed that The Avengers do exist within universe 838. However, the superhero team has disbanded for the most part. Why? Well, because they won.

In the 838 Universe, the events of Age of Ultron actually went well. The Ultron project was a success. We see this in the movie where Ultron bots are used as the Illuminati’s foot soldiers.

With Tony Stark successfully building his shield around the world, there was no need for The Avengers. However, for major, multiversal threats such as Incursions, The Illuminati was there

“This is a world where Ultron seemed to work the way Tony Stark intended him to work in Age of Ultron,” Palmer said. “'A suit of armor around the world.' Tony was trying to get the Avengers to retire [in that movie]. So, imagine [a world] where Tony cracked Ultron, and it worked, and he went, 'Hey, whoever wants to retire and go home, can.' And then, the Illuminati came to rise behind the scenes, pulling the strings.”

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What happened to Wanda?

Of course, this fact leaves a lot of questions open. With Ultron not turning evil, then Wanda and Pietro Maximoff never get recruited. Furthermore, Vision is never born. However, Wanda is not only in the United States, but has the same children she has with Vision.

If anything, Palmer’s explanation regarding the events of Age of Ultron just makes things more confusing. Now this truly is the multiverse of madness. Nothing makes sense!

This must mean that, at some point, Wanda and Pietro were rescued by The Avengers. Then they became superheroes while The Avengers were retiring? Perhaps they worked for The Illuminati! I guess with a Multiverse of Madness, anything is possible.

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