Sony’s Marvel Universe will be destroyed via Multiverse Incursion

Sony’s Marvel Universe is a bizarre entertainment reality. An off-shoot of the beloved Marvel Cinematic Universe, Sony’s Spider-Man Connected Universe is a weird existence.

Beginning with Venom, the movie universe only has three movies, one of them being the absolutely foul Morbius. However, if looks like this universe won’t be around for much longer, as something big is coming.

Well Sony’s Marvel Universe be destroyed?

There are a lot of movies still planned for Sony’s Marvel Universe off-shoot. On top of more Venom movies, the studio is planning movies based on Kraven the Hunter (currently filming), Madame Web and El Meurto. The latter is a villain from a single Spider-Man comic.

However, it looks like Marvel has already set the end in motion for Sony’s collection. As it turns out, a huge event may be coming, one that will destroy the spin-off cinematic universe for good.

Via The Direct, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’ mention of incursions reveals that the end is night for Sony’s Universe. With characters from one universe moving into another, those two universes will merge in a catastrophic event.

Of course, in the main MCU, Doctor Strange himself has caused an incursion. This is because of his travels with America Chavez, as well as Scarlet Witch’s murderous rampage permanently affecting that universe.

However, as we all know from Morbius, Strange’s spell in Spider-Man: No Way Home somehow resulted in Vulture making his way into Sony’s Marvel Universe. This means that Sony’s world should also be reading for an incursion, potentially destroying it.

Incursions in the Marvel Cinematic Universe appear to be triggered much easier than in the comics. Simply by being present in another universe an incursion can be triggered. With Vulture permanently stuck in Sony’s world, an incursion should be eminent. Furthermore, with a bit of the Venom symbiote left in the MCU, it’s only a matter of time.

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Will Sony play by the rules?

Of course, the destruction of Sony’s Marvel Universe can only occur if Sony wants it to. Considering the stubbornness of the movie studio, it’s likely that Sony will not pay attention to the rules of the MCU.

It would not be surprising. After all, Sony has consistently forced its hand in numerous occasions. For example, forcing Venom to appear in No Way Home and showing Peter Parker in Venom 2. Oh, and obviously Vulture’s appearance in Morbius.

Sony bringing in Vulture without knowing the consequences in peak Sony. To be honest, we hope that universe gets destroyed; it deserves it.

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