Ms Marvel has the highest review scores of any Marvel or Star Wars show

The Disney Plus debut of Ms. Marvel was hotly anticipated by fans of the popular comic series. Four episodes in and would appear that the hype is well-deserved. Not only is Ms. Marvel is a critical success, but it's now the highest-rated Disney+ original on Rotten Tomatoes.

Despite only four episodes being released, with two more to come, Ms. Marvel has already beat The Mandalorian and Marvel’s What If on the Tomatometer. It’s good to know that people are loving Kamala Khan and the positive reception, minus a few weirdos on Twitter, ensures that the character is here to stay in the MCU.

Critics love Kamala Khan

Rotten Tomatoes boasts a staggering 96% rating for Ms Marvel after just four episodes. For comparison, the TV series has beaten both The Mandalorian’s 93% rating and What If’s 94%. That’s quite shocking — especially since What If is far worse than The Mandalorian — but it’s good to know that Kamala Khan is in good company.

Reviews for the Marvel TV show not only praise the series' unique characters and dynamics, but also its style. Many have likened the show to Edgar Wright's stylish Scott Pilgrim vs The World, which is always a good comparison.

With two episodes left, we hope that the consistency in quality continues. Some of the Disney+ shows in Marvel tend to have messy endings, particularly WandaVision, so here’s hoping that they nail the landing. Kamala is expected to return in The Marvels alongside Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers so that should be a fun team-up.

The only thing better than Ms. Marvel is The Proud Family (and The Clone Wars)

Despite Ms. Marvel getting better ratings than most of the Marvel and Star Wars shows, there are still a few Disney Plus shows that have rated a bit higher. The Direct reveals that The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder and Diary of a Future President have audience scores of 100% but have no critical consensus. It seems that Ms. Marvel has beaten them only through a technicality.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars also has a higher score than Ms. Marvel but that show originally aired on Cartoon Network. While the final season was exclusive to Disney+, the aggregated score still keeps everything from the previous seasons so it doesn’t really count.

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Review bombing didn’t deter Ms. Marvel

After initially getting a review bombed by whiny racist fans, Ms. Marvel now has a fairly respectable 82% audience rating. It’s clear that actual fans who like the show have come in droves to make sure that the trolls don’t win, which is always nice to see.

The fact that there are Marvel “fans” who are against Muslim representation continues to be baffling. Hopefully, this will show that there’s no room for hate like this in the MCU and geeky fandoms in general. If there’s any superhero who can teach us about being more accepting, it’s Ms. Marvel.

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